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Discover the true value of your home today! Our team of home valuation experts are ready to provide you with an accurate and detailed evaluation. Request your free valuation now and start maximising your property’s potential!


At Mister Alquiler, we revere the individuality and unique history of each property we appraise. We are proud to offer two methods of valuing your property: online and in person, both designed to suit your needs.

Our online valuation is a free, no-obligation starting point. Ideal for those looking for an initial estimate of the value of their property, you will receive a quick valuation by email.

Our experts carry out in-person valuations, where your property is accurately assessed. Local knowledge and market experience guarantee a detailed valuation – and best of all, the advice is completely free of charge!

With a solid track record in the local market, Mister Alquiler has the experience necessary to accurately value properties for sale or rent.

Each property has a unique value, and our valuation, whether online or in person, is based on the dedication and precision that defines us. Rely on Mister Alquiler to discover the true value of your property!


One of the crucial steps when selling or renting a property is the correct valuation, which encompasses several fundamental elements. Mister Alquiler, as real estate experts, highlights six essential factors that significantly influence the value of your property:

Location plays a key role in the valuation. In this sense, we differentiate between the macro location, such as the town of El Campello, and the micro location, for example, the beach area of El Campello.

The type of property, whether it is a duplex, villa, flat or a freehold, affects the demand and therefore the price of the property.

The year in which the property was built is a determining factor. From historic properties to the latest generation, the year of construction influences the need for renovations and the perception of value.

Details such as the number of rooms, presence of garage, garden, terrace, underfloor heating, among others, are elements that influence the valuation and preference of buyers.

The general condition of the property and its energy efficiency are relevant aspects for potential buyers. Energy efficiency can have an impact on the purchase decision and the value of the property.

Supply and demand in the local property market are determining factors in pricing. Our real estate agents at Mister Alquiler are fully informed about the current demand in the Alicante area, which has a direct impact on the valuation of properties.

Rely on the experience of Mister Alquiler to accurately and professionally evaluate your property, considering these six key pillars in the real estate valuation process.


At Mister Alquiler, our real estate agents stand out for their extensive experience and a solid portfolio of potential tenants and buyers. Our fees are split between the buyer and the seller, guaranteeing a fair deal for both parties.



We offer two free, no-obligation options: on-site or online valuation. At Mister Alquiler, we evaluate your property by considering key factors that determine its price.

The online valuation is based on five key factors: property type, living space, macro and micro location, and year of construction. Get a realistic valuation from the comfort of your home.

Our property consultants use standard methods, such as comparable value, tailored to each property. We consider the unique characteristics of your property to provide an accurate valuation.

A detailed valuation by Mister Alquiler usually takes approximately one week, depending on the particularities of each property.

Before the valuation, you can increase the value of your property with visible improvements and energy efficient renovations. At Mister Alquiler, we advise you on how to increase the value of your property.

At Mister Alquiler, the protection of your data is paramount. To receive a no-obligation valuation, you only need to share your full name, email address and basic details of the property.

Yes, the valuation of your property is completely free and automatic. At Mister Alquiler we do not ask for money or credit card details, we only require an email address and mobile phone number for security.

Mister Alquiler offers free valuations because we believe in helping the local community to facilitate the sale or rental of properties. Our valuations are 100% free, as we do not sell this service.

The real value of a property is the value recorded in the title deeds and may also be the price at which a buyer would be willing to pay under current market conditions.

Property valuations are necessary to carry out sale and rental transactions, ensuring that the agreed price is in line with the current market.

To use our valuation simulator, follow these simple steps:

  • Fill in the address information of the property.
  • Select the type of property, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, parking spaces, plot size, swimming pool and other details.
  • Fill in your name, email address and telephone number to receive your free online valuation in PDF format.

With our free online valuation, you’ll get the value of your home in less than three minutes. Our technology is based on real estate transactions to provide you with the most accurate price. You will receive the results by email to the address provided in the simulator.

Rely on Mister Alquiler for fast and accurate Evaluations of your property, backed up by a free and effective service.


At Mister Alquiler, the evaluation of your property is carried out in a meticulous and precise way, standing out for our innovative approach based on 70 different criteria. Our online valuation system is based on two fundamental pillars:

  • Property characteristics: We consider 20 essential criteria such as living and built area, number of bedrooms, bathrooms, state of conservation, garages and storage rooms, swimming pool among others.
  • Quality of Location: We evaluate 50 criteria, from accessibility to public transport to the quality of the surroundings, guaranteeing a comprehensive assessment.

We applied three valuation models::

  1. Based on Real Estate Listings: Includes local land tonnage and market listings.
  2. Based on Historical Transactions: Analyses sales history to contextualise price.
  3. Perceived Value Based: Considers owners’ perceptions to refine valuation.

These models, combined statistically, allow us to provide you with an up-to-date and accurate valuation for your property, whether it is a house, land, premises or flat.


  • Get a free, instant and accurate online assessment.
  • Receive a detailed result by email instantly.
  • For a more accurate estimate, access a free in-person valuation by our real estate agents.


Stay informed with quarterly updates on the evolution of the value of your property, reflecting the dynamics of the market and offering you regularly updated information. With Mister Alquiler, valuing your property is simple, accurate and guarantees an up-to-date view of its value in the real estate market.

On-Site Valuation by a Mister Alquiler Expert

Once you have received the result of the online valuation, book an on-site valuation of your property with a Mister Alquiler real estate expert. This additional valuation focuses on refining the initial result by considering the following criteria and specific observations:

1. Location and Environment

Aspects such as views, noise levels, and the quality of the neighbourhood will be assessed, which are key elements influencing the valuation of the property.


The impact of possible recent renovations to the property, which may influence its value, will be analysed.


The development or extension potential of the property, if applicable, will be considered in order to provide a full valuation.

4. Current Market Conditions

The current local real estate market context will be taken into account, adjusting the valuation according to the prevailing conditions.


In addition to the observations made during the on-site evaluation, our expert will conduct a detailed comparative analysis of similar properties for sale and recently sold in your area.  This will allow us to determine a realistic selling price for your property.

Based on this analysis, a detailed comparative market analysis report will be prepared, which will include a personalised sales and marketing strategy tailored to the specific characteristics of your property.

Rely on the expertise of Mister Alquiler’s real estate agents to obtain an informed and accurate valuation of your property, backed up by a thorough analysis of the local property market, our expert will carry out a detailed comparative analysis of similar properties for sale and recently sold in your area. This will allow us to determine a realistic selling price for your property.

Automated Home eValuation and Appraisal by Experts

Automated eValuation

Our statistical method compares your property against thousands of real estate transactions to determine its value accurately. For standard properties, the automatic valuations are highly accurate; however, for exclusive or luxury properties, the accuracy may be lower due to the smaller number of transactions recorded.


We carry out a detailed analysis of the prices of similar properties currently on the market, allowing you to have a complete overview of the competition.

Intrinsic eValuation

The intrinsic value represents the real value of a property, calculated by considering the New value – depreciation + the value of the plot = Intrinsic value. This method does not consider market supply and demand, focusing on the structure and attributes of the property itself.


When a plot of land has potential for new construction, the value of the land may exceed the value of the existing building. In these cases, owners have the opportunity to receive more attractive offers from property developers and investors. Our experts at Mister Alquiler meticulously assess whether a plot of land has development potential, providing you with detailed information on the development opportunities that exist for your property. Rely on the combination of automated valuation based on real data and expert valuation by our real estate agents for a complete and accurate assessment of your property.


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